How much do hearing aids cost?

How much do hearing aids cost?

Advancements in modern hearing aid technology help many people reconnect with family and friends.

Hearing aids in the 1970s had 15-30 transistors. Today’s modern hearing aids are 70% smaller and have more than 100 million transistors enabling them to monitor the environment; stream between each other; connect to Bluetooth devices in stereo and give outstanding speech understanding in noise. They are rechargeable with exceptional speech clarity and include environment detection and reduces background noise – all done automatically and effortlessly.

Modern, fully digital hearing aids can be easily programmed to the wearer’s individual hearing loss and specific lifestyle.

Hearing aids are not a “one size fits all”.

Hearing aids differ in price, features and performance and can be adapted according to your hearing loss, lifestyle and budget.

Keeping in mind that most people require two hearing aids, a complete set may vary in price from ±R15’000 (US$1’000) up to ±R120’000 (US$8’000) – excluding professional fees.

Most medical aid schemes reimburse the professional fees and contribute towards the cost of hearing aids.

Ear Institute staff will gladly contact your medical aid to confirm your benefits.