“Why do my ears ring?”
We can help!

Tinnitus is best described as ‘ringing in the ears’.


The experience and level of discomfort with Tinnitus varies, which is why it is important that our skilled and qualified professionals perform a hearing test and Tinnitus assessment to correctly determine the best form of treatment and management for you.


Although a large percentage of Tinnitus sufferers also experience hearing loss, it is not solely an auditory issue.

We take a holistic approach to treatment and management.


BioArmor Hearing Health™ is a micronutrient designed to address Tinnitus as well as protect your hearing and improve your general health.

This complete antioxidant formulation supports the body in 24-hour cellular protection, energy production, balance disorders, tinnitus and overall health.

While each case of Tinnitus is unique,
it can be greatly reduced and managed with the right help.

You do not have to feel isolated and frustrated;
we have a solution to help you.

Take control of your Tinnitus today!