Connect with the world around you

We recommend
Phonak Swiss-Made hearing aids.
The world’s leading hearing aid brand.

Comprehensive range, different features,
performance and price levels according to your lifestyle.

Stereo Sound Quality

Offering excellent hearing performance, speech understanding and sound quality – regardless of the listening environment.

Solution for everyone

With the broadest product portfolio in the industry, Phonak can offer discreet and stylish solutions for every age, degree of hearing loss and individual preference.

Universal Connectivity

In todays connected world, and with the future in mind, Phonak’s direct-connectivity solutions are designed to connect you with the technology you love.


Phonak’s has pioneered rechargeability with the introduction of lithium-ion batteries.
This means less worrying about battery hassles and more enjoyments of everyday activities.

Which hearing aids are right for me?

Every ear is different and the requirements for hearing aids are as unique as that of fingerprints.

Our skilled and qualified professionals will assist in advising you on the right technology and design for your specific lifestyle.


A small device positioned behind the ear, connected to an earpiece through clear slim or standard tubing.

Receiver in-the-canal

A small device offering ultimate discretion. The housing which contains the microphone and receiver is positioned behind the ear. A thin tube with a wire connects the amplifier with the receiver which is positioned in the ear canal.


The hearing aid components are positioned into a custom-made shell or housing. The shell is positioned in the ear canal.