Our lifestyle ear solutions include swim plugs, sleep plugs, custom earpieces for any brand of earphones and custom in-ear monitors for musicians.

Noise-Ban CUSTOM

Custom-made hearing protection device made from durable Acrylic material and fitted with fixed attenuation filters allowing for communication in noise.

Noise-Ban SOFT

Custom-made hearing protection device made from medical grade silicone material, for improved wearing comfort.

Moto Ear

Custom-made hearing protection for a comfortable fit under helmets reducing wind noise.

Moto Com

Custom-made hearing protection for a comfortable fit under helmets reducing wind noise. These custom earplugs with built-in speakers allow communication with fellow riders or listening to audio devices.

Music Ear

Custom-made hearing protection devices with special filter technology for undistorted sound reproduction and excellent protection.

In-Ear Monitors

Custom-made acrylic earpieces offering comfort and optimum hearing protection. High quality balanced speakers for an unrivalled listening experience.

Custom Earbud Sleeves

Specially designed custom-made silicone earpieces that fit over your earphones for optimal sound reception, noise isolation and comfort.

Swim Plug

Custom-made floatable silicone earpieces preventing water from entering the ear canal.

Sleep Plug

Custom-made silicone earplugs for a comfortable fit and effective noise reduction.

Presenter Earpiece

Specially designed custom-moulded earpiece with acoustic coiled tube providing an unparalleled communication experience.

Custom Shooter Sleeves

Specially designed custom-moulded silicone earpieces that fits over/ accommodates active hearing protection devices, providing optimal protection, comfort and best sound quality.

Active Hearing Protection

Level dependant active earplugs protect your hearing from loud noises, without compromising the ability to hear ambient sounds.

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