Hearing Loss

Types and causes of hearing loss

Hearing and hearing loss

Hearing is the sense that allows you to perceive sounds. It is not just about the ability to hear sounds, but also about the crucial aspect of understanding and interpreting those sounds. Individuals with hearing loss often struggle with understanding speech in noisy environments, which remains their biggest challenge.

Hearing loss makes it hard to hear and understand conversations, affects your confidence, memory, and quality of life. Identifying hearing loss is not always that easy and other people may notice changes before you do.

Hearing loss can be triggered by loud noises or infections, but for most, hearing loss is gradual, age-related and only noticeable as it progresses. Fortunately, impaired hearing can be improved, or even fully corrected, with the use of a hearing aid.

First signs of hearing loss

Here are some indicators that you might be experiencing hearing loss:

Do you often think people mumble when speaking to you?

Do you find yourself asking people to repeat themselves? Do you say “what?” or “huh?” a lot?  If so, this could be an indication of hearing loss.

Do you have the TV on very loud?

If the people around you tell you that your TV or radio is too loud, then you should take this seriously. It might mean that you are being affected by the onset of hearing loss.

Do you find conversations stressful in noisy environments?

Do you have to concentrate very hard during conversations with one person or multiple people when there’s a lot of background noise (restaurant, parties, meetings)?

Do you have difficulty hearing people on the telephone?

 If you can’t hear conversations clearly and setting the volume up louder and louder, you may have hearing loss.

Causes of hearing loss


Types of hearing loss


If you recognise yourself or a loved one in any of these situations, book an appointment at an Ear Institute near you.