How to know if Cochlear Implants are right for you?

If hearing aids are no longer offering you enough benefit, you may be a candidate for a cochlear implant. Challenges include:

  • Having difficulty following conversations without lip-reading.
  • Difficulty following most telephone conversations, especially when the voice is not a familiar one.
  • Feeling isolated and limited, both socially and at work, because of hearing loss.
  • A moderate/severe-to-profound hearing loss in both ears.
  • Very little/no benefit from hearing aids.
  • Difficulties with spoken language.

Young children can be implanted as young as 10 months of age. Early implantation provides your children with access to hearing voices and speech, which is critical in developing age-appropriated language and speech skills.

There is also no upper age limit for cochlear implantation. If you are healthy and able to undergo general anaesthetic, and the cochlear implant unit has deemed you to be an appropriate candidate, your age does not matter.

Beyond Hearing Aids

Cochlear implants can help restore your rich world of sound.
Unlike hearing aids, which simply amplify sound, cochlear implants use state-of-the-art technology to make sound clearer and easier to understand.

For many people with moderate-to-profound hearing loss, hearing aids are not enough to compensate for a damaged ear’s inability to hear adequately. Cochlear implants bypass the damaged part of your inner ear and sends sound signals directly to the brain via the hearing nerve.

As a result, most cochlear implant recipients demonstrate a remarkable improvement in their ability to understand speech, even in noisy environments, compared to hearing-aid wearers.

The Next Step in Your Hearing Journey

All around the world, hundreds of thousands of people benefit from cochlear implant technology. It provides hearing to those who have never heard and to those who suffer from moderate to profound hearing loss in one or both ears. Get your life back, restore your relationships and make the most of each day.