Hearing Aids from R9,250

Discover the best hearing device solution to restore your quality of life.

Hearing Aids from R9250

Latest Phonak Hearing Aid Technology

With the broadest product portfolio in the industry, Phonak can offer discreet and stylish solutions for every age, degree of hearing loss and individual preference.

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Selecting the perfect hearing aid

Every ear is different and the requirements for hearing aids are as unique as that of fingerprints.   There are many different types of hearing aids available.

Your hearing care professional will begin the selection process by conducting an in-depth consultation with you to learn more about your lifestyle, your expectations, your personal preferences and your thoughts on any previous experiences with hearing aids.

Your hearing test results, along with this information, will help the professional to find the right hearing aid for you.

Our skilled and qualified professionals will assist in advising you on the right technology and design for your specific lifestyle.

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